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Support Services

Our goal with all our implementations is to make our clients as self-sufficient as possible. However, there are times organizations using Oracle EPM may need additional support due to turnover, busy season or just another set of hands. At ProCore we provide the valuable service of having dedicated individuals, specific to your applications, administer your solution. Our Support Services give you the reassurance of knowing your application is in capable hands at a very low cost. Our Support Service include:

  • Experienced EPM Experts dedicated to your environment with the detailed knowledge of your solution.
  • Named Individual working on your applications, not a 800 number or general support line.
  • Capable Specialists who can serve to support training of new users, create reports, modify calculations, process data loads or fine tune the application.
  • Round the Clock Commitment with a variety of support options from 24x7 to a short block of time per quarter.