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We are a forward-thinking, innovative organization because of our incredibly intelligent teams. ProCore believe in investing in our clients and the EPM community through internal innovations, blogging, case studies and tips. The purpose of these initiatives is to provide guidance from leaders in the field to help our clients extend the success of their solution.

Auto Predict – AI in Oracle EPM

Recently Oracle introduced Auto Predict in their Planning Environments. These feature is true artificial intelligence where Planning predicts your forecast automatically. This blog goes into the details of how Auto Predict can help your business.

Native vs Standard Oracle Smart View – What’s the difference?

In the past year Oracle introduce the ability to change the behavior of Smart View. You now have two options between Native and Standard. This blog goes into the benefits and differences between the two.

On premise Hyperion Planning and early versions of PBCS automatically linked accounts across plan types. To disable this default behavior administrators were required to assign each non linked account with a UDA of HSP_Nolink.
Oracle planning now allows you to globally disable this function in the Application settings. Set the “Link Accounts by Default” setting to “No” to disable any linking of accounts across plan types.

Smart View and Flex Forms

A good reason to update to at least the version of Smart View is the Enhanced Free-Form Support. This new feature is only available within Smart View and allows you to customize the row members within a form. Having the ability to delete, insert and reorder members within a form can be helpful when using large forms. Using an Enhanced Free-Form also allows you to sort and filter members using native Excel functionality.

Do you have EPM Automate running for you automated EPM Processes? A good rule of thumb is to make sure and add an “Upgrade” process to your first step. Oracle will on occasion create updates to this utility and with a simple command of “EPMAutomate upgrade” you can ensure that your utility is up to date. If you’re version of EPM Automate is up to date, then nothing will happen and it’ll move forward to the next process.